Ken Howell, pitching coach for the LA Dodgers, was hospitalized for foot problems related to his diabetes. His condition required another surgery, his second of the year.  The first surgery took place at the beginning of the season because of an infected blister.

Complications associated with diabetes are one reason why people may need foot surgery aside from injury.  Speaking to a podiatrist, like Dr. James Ricketti at his practice, can give you a better understanding of what might go into foot surgery.  

Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is necessary in events where regular therapy is shown to be ineffective. Surgeons often use foot surgery as a last option because of its invasive nature. In most cases, physical therapy, medication, rest, exercise, and casts can help to heal a foot injury.

However, sometimes you might need to have surgery done without ever having an injury. Foot surgery can be used to correct a birth defect or deformity or be used for reconstructive purposes. Foot surgery is designed to improve the quality of your feet and to help you get back on track with your life.

In extreme cases where the foot cannot be saved, or is beyond repair and is hindering the health of nearby parts of the body, amputation may be necessary. Again, this is the last option a surgeon would choose; the main goal would be to save the foot.

As technology becomes increasingly better, podiatric surgery yields better results and many surgeries contain procedures that are less invasive, but still allow for successful surgeries.

If you have any questions, please our office which is located Hamilton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot complications.

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