31 year old Arti Godkhindi a gave birth to her first child, but never thought she would someday suffer from chronic knee pain. After several hours of post pregnancy work out regimens, Godkhindi noticed she had knee pain caused by her flat feet.  After slowly, trying to recover from her pain, she decreased her exercise routines.  Unfortunately this led her to gain more weight. 

There is always help for those who suffer from flat feet like Godkhindi. Dr. James Ricketti is a board certified podiatric surgeon, who can help find solutions for those with flat feet.  Dr. Ricketti treats a wide range of podiatric needs from flat feet to broken ankles and everything in between.
A flat foot is a condition where the arch of the foot is lowered or the arch fails to develop. Flat feet is common for babies and small children, it becomes problematic if the arch never develops.  Adults who develop flat feet can be subject to injury.


The wet footprint test is designed to diagnose if someone suffers from flat feet. The individual would place their feet on a wet surface, and imprint their feet. Indentation of the feet will verify whether or not suffers from flat feet.

Types of Flat Feet

Rigid- this is when someone’s arch of the foot is not present, when sitting or standing.
Treatment may be necessary if pain is present, orthotics can be prescribed.

Flexible- the arch shows when someone is sitting, but then goes away when they are standing.
Treatment may not be necessary.


In some instances surgery may be required if nothing else seems working. If you have any questions or possible believe you may be suffering from flat feet, please our office which is located Hamilton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot complications.

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