Singer Sara Bareilles is nursing and healing her suspected broken toe that she injured at a music event for kids in Los Angeles back in July 2012. After hurting the big toe on her right foot, the singer has been in agony while assisting at the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls. She uploaded the picture via her Twitter account, saying “I think I broke my toe. No I’m not joking. Meet my broke (sic) toe.”

An injured toe, like Bareilles’, can be easily be treated with the help of a podiatrist like Dr. James Ricketti of New Jersey. If you think you might have a toe injury, foot, or ankle, Dr. Ricketti will be able to examine your feet and provide you with an accurate diagnosis, as well as provide treatment options to you.

Most common injuries

People who are constantly on their feet are prone to a variety of injuries. Therefore, it is important to take part in physical therapy in order to get back on the right track quickly.

What to do when injured

Physical Therapy – This specialized treatment will focus on the affected area, speeding up recovery and the overall healing process. This is important for those wanting to get back into the game quickly. It is a proven method that has helped millions of people return from any injury.

During physical therapy you will undergo regimented training to get back into full form. Training is often very difficult, especially at first when the foot feels weak. These are some steps physical therapy often involves:

  1. Basic stretching & twisting exercises – getting the feet’s mobility and flexibility up.
  2. Massaging – the therapist will massage the injured area in order to activate the muscles and relax them.
  3. Strengthening Exercises – this allows the muscles in the affected area to regain their full strength, a vital step towards full recovery.


With the advancements in technology and greater knowledge of how muscles and joints work, physical therapists can turn things around dramatically.    

If you have any questions, please contact our office, which is located Hamilton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot complications.

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