diabetiesAccording to a small study lead by Steven Brown of Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, diabetics with nerve damage are more prone to uneven stride and balance troubles even on flat ground.

“By investing the activities during which falls are more likely to occur, we can look to identify specific detriments of the underlying balance mechanisms,” stated Brown, “allowing a more targeted and educated approach to preventing falls within this population in the future.”

Peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic nerve damage, is the most common complication of diabetes and can lead to numbness and pain in the limbs. It has been linked to an increased risk of falls in the past.

Diabetics must pay special attention to their feet to help prevent any complications. If you have diabetic foot concerns, consult with Dr. James Ricketti of New Jersey. Dr. Ricketti will provide quality care for your diabetic feet. 
Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetes affects millions of people every year. Diabetes can damage blood vessels in many parts of the body, including the feet. Because of this, taking care of your feet is essential if you have diabetes, and having a podiatrist help monitor your foot health is highly recommended.

The Importance of Caring for Your Feet

  • Routinely inspect your feet for bruises or sores.
  • Wear socks that fit your feet comfortably.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that provide adequate support.

Patients with diabetes should have their doctor monitor their blood levels because blood sugar levels play such a huge role in diabetic care. Monitoring these levels on a regular basis is highly advised.
It is always best to inform your healthcare professional of any concerns you may have regarding your feet, especially for diabetic patients. Early treatment and routine foot examinations are keys to maintaining proper health, especially because severe complications can arise if proper treatment is not applied.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office, located in Hamilton, NJ. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment technology to meet your needs.

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