running-injuriesRunning expert Jay Dicharry, stated that the way people run can be a main cause of foot injuries.  Dicharry shared tips on effective running during his presentation in promoting his new book Anatomy for Runners.  According to Dicharry, training the body to run differently and to exert less energy, will reduce the impact on the body and minimize the amount of injuries to the feet.  He also discusses his thoughts on barefoot running and ultra-marathon running, and the best way to train the body for the impact.

Training your body properly is a great way to help prevent running injuries. However, even with proper training, injuries can still occur. If you are experiencing foot pain or ankle pain you think is associated with a running injury, it is highly recommended to consult a podiatrist like Dr. James Ricketti of New Jersey. Dr. Ricketti can examine the cause of your foot pain, diagnose any injuries you might have, and provide the appropriate treatment options.

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Many common running injuries are caused by overuse and overtraining. When the back of the kneecap starts wearing out and starts causing pain in your knee, this is commonly referred to as runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is a decrease in strength in your quadriceps and can occur if you’re not wearing properly fitted or supporting shoes. Runner’s knee usually is treated with strengthening exercises focusing on the quad muscles and sports orthotic. To prevent runner’s knee, focusing on hip strengthening is a good idea, as well as strengthening your quads to keep the kneecaps aligned. Physical therapy can help you learn the best exercises to heal runner’s knee.

What Are Some Causes of Running Injuries?
- One cause of a common running injury is called iliotibial band syndrome.
- Plantar fasciitis is also another common injury.
- Stress fractures can occur from overtraining, lack of calcium, or even your running style.

Best Ways to Prevent Running Injuries
- Wear footwear that fits properly and suits your running needs.
- Running shoes are the only protective gear that runners have to safeguard them from injury.
- Make a training schedule. Adding strengthening exercises as well as regular stretching can help keep you strong and limber and can lessen the possibility of injuries.
- Stretching keeps muscles limber, this will help you gain better flexibility.
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