Television comedian and journalist, Dom Joly, appeared on TV’s celebrity edition of Total Wipeout, but not for long. Joly ended his run with a major foot injury.  According to Joly, he twisted his body in mid-air and tried to land sideways, instead landing on his left foot during an obstacle course. After suffering severe pain, Joly learned he broke four of five metatarsals and sustained a Lisfranc injury.

Dom Joly’s foot injury may have sidelined him from Total Wipeout for the time being, but getting back to the show, or any other sport, can be made much easier with the help of a podiatrist like Dr. James Ricketti of New Jersey. Dr. Ricketti can provide the care you need by diagnosing any foot or ankle injury you might be experiencing and providing treatment options that best fit you, allowing you to get back into your sport quickly and foot pain free.

Getting Back into Sports after Foot and Ankle Injuries

While one of the most common injuries among athletes may be a sprained ankle, there are still many other types of injuries that plague athletes in any sport. But for less severe foot and ankle injuries, it is recommended by physical therapists and sports medicine doctors that athletes use the R.I.C.E. method to help alleviate pain and to speed up the healing process.

The acronym R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. These four steps help in the healing process, not only to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, but also to improve overall health of the affected area, allowing you to get back on to your feet again. Although resting is usually the key to all healing, it is necessary to see a doctor to ensure treatment for any other problems that may not be obvious to you right away.

It is best for injured athletes to allow themselves time to heal. Some athletes need hours of re-training, exercise, check-ups with their physical therapist, and other remedies. But with the right attitude and motivation, it is not hard to get back into sports after foot and ankle injuries.

If you have any questions, please contact our office, which is located Hamilton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot complications.

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