fractures1Joe Mathis, defensive end for No. 4 Washington, is missing the rest of the season due to a foot injury he had suffered in October. Mathis had to have surgery to repair the injury, although he was hoping to rehab his foot and avoid surgery altogether. Head coach Chris Peterson had determined that surgery was the best long-term solution for Mathis. He was unable to play in the game against Oregon State.

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When is Surgery Necessary?

Foot and ankle surgery is generally reserved for cases where less invasive procedures have been unsuccessful. Conditions that often require surgery are listed below:

- Removing foot deformities like bone spurs and bunions

- Severe arthritis that has caused bone issues

- Reconstruction for injuries caused by accidents or malformations

Types of Surgeries

The type of surgery you receive depends on the nature of the problem. Possible surgeries include the following:

- Bunionectomy for painful bunions

- Surgical fusion for realignment of bones

- Nerve removal for painful nerve endings

Benefits of Surgery

Surgery can provide more complete pain relief than other options and may allow you to finally resume full activity. Surgical techniques have also become increasingly sophisticated. Techniques like endoscopic surgery allow for smaller incisions and faster recovery times.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Hamilton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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