P-U!! Is there a repellent smell coming from your shoe?!  Well, it could mean your feet are not getting the circulation/ventilation they need within your shoes.  Some other causes of foot odor are:

  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Poor hygiene
  • Moist or overly warm feet
  • Sweaty feet
  • Tight/ ill-fitting shoes
  • Stress
  • Drug & alcohol use

If you are suffering from foot odor, one of the first things you can do is change your shoes to larger, more ventilated shoes, made of canvas or leather. Not only do ill-fitting shoes cause odor, they are also the culprit of many other foot problems that are much more serious. 

Here are some other helpful tips that Dr. James Ricketti has come across that have helped his patients with the embarrassing problem of foot odor:

  • First, and foremost, clean your feet! Use a good foot scrub & wash for 5 minutes, afterward, dry & apply a hand sanitizer afterward
  • Soak feet in vinegar & alcohol solution, or apply it on feet
  • Use any talcum powder on feet, and in shoes
  • Apply cornstarch on your feet-will prevent excessive sweating
  • Put baking soda on your feet, and in your shoes & sneakers

And, in the event that you need professional help for your feet or ankle issues, Dr. Ricketti’s convenient Hamilton, NJ location is here to help.  Contact us at: (609) 587-1674 to make an appointment.

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