Ever have a wart on your foot?  Or hand, or anywhere on your body, for that matter?  No big deal, right?  Well, one would think that would be the case…

However, sometimes warts can be more than just a small annoyance that are easily treated by at-home over-the counter wart treatments.  A common one is: Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away, for example.  Sometimes warts can be treated by such over-the-counter treatments, and they ultimately disappear- usually after doing a freezing treatment several times.

Although, other times you may not be that lucky.  At the office of Dr. James Ricketti, we treat people that have not had any success getting rid of their plantar warts on their own.   Plantar warts are caused by the HPV virus (human papilloma), which is the most common viral infection the skin gets afflicted with.  These warts are found on the sole or plantar area of the foot.  Plantar warts can be found anywhere in this area, but we usually see patients complaining of them when they are found in areas of pressure and friction. Many times, our patients come in with a plantar wart on a pressure point on the foot, which has stood the test of time (unfortunately!). They are often frustrated with their failed attempts to get rid of the irritating wart.

A mother recently came in with her eight year old son, who had a large wart on his foot, right where the toe meets the foot.  This poor child was in pain due to the size of the wart and the area where it was positioned.  She informed us that they had tried to freeze the wart themselves numerous times over the past month or two. Her son was complaining that his foot hurt whenever he would put his shoe on.  They tried different shoes, but still the same complaint. As warts are viral infections, they are often difficult to get rid of with over-the counter remedies.

At our convenient Hamilton, NJ location, Dr. James C. Ricketti or Dr. Stephen J. Skokan, and their trained staff of professionals can help end the vicious cycle of person against plantar warts!  Win the wart war once and for all, come see us…. After all, warts are for warthogs!

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