Do you notice that your feet seem to sweat all the time? Even when it’s cold out? This is a condition called Hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating). This condition has a lot to do with how the sweat glands in the feet work… as there are around 250,000 sweat glands in this area, the feet do tendto sweat more than other parts of the body.  However, with a daily hygiene routine that includes washing the feet thoroughly with soap, and drying well, the embarrassment of sweaty feet can be avoided for most.  The problem with Hyperhidrosis is that the exact cause for it is unknown, although it is known that the sweat glands are simply overactive.  Doctors believe the cause can be genetic, stress-related, or exercise/pressure-related (standing on your feet all day). 

As this condition is more annoying than serious, it can often lead to blistering of the feet and Athlete’s Foot.  Excessively sweaty feet can also cause increased foot odor, which can be embarrassing.  This happens because sweaty feet often have bacteria on the skin breaking down the sweat, which is what releases the offensive smell.  Some ideas to help minimize your sweaty-foot condition are: 

  • Follow a daily foot routine, that includes washing with antibacterial soap
  • Apply an absorbent foot powder
  • Wear socks - preferably cotton, or a cotton/wool blend
  • Wear different shoes! Rotate your footwear, and use medicated insoles if possible
  • Wear shoes that fit you well, leather is recommended and breathable

At the office of Dr. James C. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan, we recommend that you come visit us for conditions where normal foot care efforts are not effective, and you are experiencing long-standing issues.  There are such in-office treatments as electrical stimulation and Botox injections for problems that don’t seem to resolve themselves.  We can assess the problem and prescribe a treatment plan that will work best to resolve whatever issue you may be facing with your feet or ankles.  Come visit us at our convenient Hamilton, NJ location.  We are here to help… call us at 609-587-1674 and make your appointment today!

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