Do your feet hurt?  Is the pain sharp and acute, coming and going when it’s least expected? Or is it constant, dull, and annoying?  Foot pain can rear its ugly head in either of those two forms, and either way it shares one thing in common…It affects the sufferer’s life.  You may find yourself laying around, feeling lazy and unmotivated- when you are normally an active person.  You may make excuses not to go places because you’re worried you will have to walk too much or stand on your feet for too long.   People tend to try to ignore their foot pain, but it often gets the best of them anyway! Stop missing out on the fun because foot pain is plaguing you!

 Dr. James Ricketti and Dr.Stephen Skokan are here to help.  They often see people come to them after suffering from foot pain for way too long.  Sometimes they have had pain for months and months on end. Instead of coming in after a reasonable amount of time, and having the source of the pain identified and treated, they choose to suffer.  It is always sad to see people in this situation.  When you visit our convenient Hamilton Square location, our doctors will diagnose the source of the injury, and formulate a treatment plan to get you back on your feet, literally!  Sometimes it is a simple solution, involving the use of orthotics, or a change in footwear.  Doing ice regimens for a few days can often alleviate swelling and foot pain.  There are many in-office treatments and at-home treatments that can really help get rid of that troublesome pain. 

 Although, sometimes foot pain can be a sign of a deeper, more serious underlying issue.  This is why it is so important to contact us when you are suffering from any condition.  Either way, the problem should be addressed, so your pain in the foot doesn’t keep being a big old PAIN IN THE NECK!  So, call Dr. Ricketti and Dr. Skokan and suffer no longer!     

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