The warm weather is here, and Spring has Sprung!  It’s time to get those tootsies ready to be bared.  If this thought brings you anxiety, read on… 

So, why do some peoples’ feet smell worse than others?!   Well, let’s delve into that…  First of all, a big culprit of stinky feet is wearing shoes without socks!  Without the cotton barrier that most socks provide, the feet can sweat more, without anything to absorb the sweat except the shoe itself.  So essentially mixing the material in shoes with sweat in your feet may sometimes not give us such a pleasant smell.  

Next, a big culprit of stinky feet is plain and simple hygiene.  If you’re not lathering those tootsies up on a daily basis, you are more likely to develop a nasty odor emitting from them than someone who does.  As the feet tend to be confined in shoes a lot of the time, it gives them more of an opportunity to sweat.  As we know, sweat doesn’t always have the best smell associated with it.  Since our feet tend to sweat a lot in the shoes we wear-especially if we live in a warm climate or are athletes.

But don’t fret, you can do some things on a regular basis to try to get rid of those stinky feet.  Here are some helpful tricks…

  • Wash your feet daily, or twice daily with antibacterial soap
  • Use powder in your shoes, a regular baby powder or a medicated powder
  • Wear cotton socks all the time
  • Go barefoot at home
  • Spray your shoes with Lysol… Do this on a regular basis to kill any fungus that may be lingering there
  • Have your feel checked out by your podiatrist, to rule out problems like Athlete’s Foot, or foot and toenail fungus
  • If you have particularly stinky sneakers, wash them in the washing machine weekly
  • If there are shoes that cannot be washed that are omitting a stench, you can put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight!  This kills bacteria and can get rid of the smell…

Hope these little tidbits helped… No one should have to be embarrassed by taking their shoes off.  If you need help with any foot issue, or feel like you’ve tried all these things and your feet are still smelly, give Dr. Ricketti a call.  He, and Dr. Skokan are available to help you at their convenient Hamilton Square location in NJ.

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