Sweaty feet causing you strife?  This condition is something that people tend to deal with, but are embarrassed by.  Excessive sweating of the feet is called hyperhidrosis.  It’s more common in men than women, and more common in young adults than older adults.  People who deal with this also often have problems with excessive sweating of the palms, as well.  This, in and of itself, may pose even more of a problem for them, as we shake hands with people and our hands are usually more visible than our feet.  Either way, people suffering from hyperhidrosis are probably wondering if there’s anything they can do to stop it! 

If you have this problem, it is typically inherited- so you can thank Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa for it! (haha) No one knows exactly why it occurs, but people who sweat excessively seem to have a different “set point” than other people.  Meaning, most people sweat when it’s hot out, or when they become overly warm.  However, people with hyperhidrosis sweat excessively almost all the time.  So, if this sounds like you, there are some things you can do to help yourself, so read on!

First and foremost, good foot hygiene is essential.  You should be sure to wash your feet daily with an antibacterial soap- be thorough, and be sure to wash between your toes.  After your shower or bath, dry your feet thoroughly, then apply foot powder, cornstarch, or anti-fungal powder to your feet.  Spray all your shoes with Lysol on a regular basis to kill any bacteria, and also air your shoes out when possible.  You should also be careful about what types of socks you wear.  Some synthetic blends are designed to wick moisture away from the skin and work best to keep the feet dry.  Wearing one hundred percent cotton socks comes to mind for me, but although they do absorb moisture, they don’t wick it away from the skin, and can cause blisters. 

If you pay a visit to your podiatrist, he can tailor treatment for this problem according to your symptoms, so it is worth taking the time.  Call Dr. James Ricketti and Dr. Stephen Skokan, they have a convenient centrally located NJ location for you to visit.  And stay tuned, the next article in this series will have more valuable tips and get into treatment options for those troublesome sweaty feet! 

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