In the earlier article, “Sweaty feet have you slip slidin’ away”, I explored the topic of hyperhidrosis, its symptoms and some home care options to help the condition.  This article will elaborate, and also talk about some of the treatments Dr. Ricketti and Dr. Skokan can offer you.  Plus, a few extra helpful tips.  First of all, if you deal with constant sweaty feet, It’s smart to have a “sock stash”… meaning, have extra socks at work, in your car, anywhere you frequent.  That way, you can change out your socks during the day when they get extra sweaty.  Be careful with your footwear choices, as well.  Don’t wear anything too constricting, and make sure your shoes are made of breathable fabric. 

Ultimately, so many people who deal with this problem, do just that- deal with it.  As you know, if you’re experiencing this, the feet can sometimes sweat so much that they slip around inside your shoes!  Your feet may appear whitish, and you may be dealing with foot odor.  The emotional stress this condition can induce is no laughing matter, as people dealing with it are usually constantly worried about their feet having offensive odor, and having to expose their feet is stressful for them. It is embarrassing and aggravating. 

However, if your feet sweat excessively, you should go see a podiatrist. Over-the-counter antiperspirants or prescription roll-on antiperspirants may be applied directly to the feet. There’s a technique available called “iontophoresis”, which uses water to conduct a mild electrical current through the skin, which has been found to be helpful for people with sweaty feet.  These machines are available for purchase and in-home applications.  Botox injections can also control excessive sweating of the feet.  Oral prescription medications are available, and there is even a surgical procedure that can be done to treat sweaty feet. There are treatment options out there, and your podiatrist can tailor them to your symptoms. 

If you need help with this condition, or any other foot or ankle issue, give Dr. James Ricketti and Dr. Stephen Skokan a call.  They are conveniently located in Central NJ and available to help!

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