Dr. James C. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan, of James C. Ricketti, DPM, would define biomechanics as both the internal and external forces and how we use them to move and interact daily. Our feet partake in biomechanics every day.  We run, walk, skip, and jump constantly. All of these movements cause great pressure and stress on our feet.  This buildup of strain can lead to foot problems.

Shoes or the lack thereof, can also cause foot and ankle issues while moving in or without them all the time. Not all shoes are made with podiatry friendly techniques in mind. Many are made purely for style and nothing else. Heels and flats are two very common styles of shoes that are horrible for your feet. They give no support or stability to the foot and ankle and can lead to serious problems later in life. Shoes with ample support and stability will cause less issues for your feet. Podiatrists prefer that you buy shoes that fit properly as opposed to shoes that only look good.


We acquire our genes from our mothers and fathers. Each parent donates their genes equally to a child and we inherit some of the traits of our family due to genetics. This is also true for foot and ankle problems, and how they play into our biomechanics. Those with hereditarily high arches are prone to pain while walking. Those with a family history of arthritis also tend to acquire the disorder, sometimes in their feet. These problems can impact our biomechanics negatively. Arthritis, pain, and other disorders can prevent us from walking, running, and jumping regularly.

Our genetics can also cause deformities in the feet. Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, and other deformities have links back to genetics.  Some deformities can cause foot bones to be shorter than they ought to be, while others will misshapen them completely. The effects of genetics on our feet and ankles and wide and vast. If you suspect that you have a genetic deformity, pain that is causing trouble with the way you move, or any other foot or ankle disorder, you should contact our podiatric practice right away.

Call 609-587-1674 to make an appointment. Our office is conveniently located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Our staff has numerous years of experience dealing with the study of biomechanics and the effect of genetics on our daily lives. 

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