We all know that bizarre feeling. We have been sitting in the same position for the past hour and a half and all of a sudden, a tingling warm sensation overcomes out feet and legs. It feels like spiders crawling on our skin or even pin pricks. Quickly, we get up to try to walk the feeling off and find that we have lost all feeling in our foot. Did you know this happens to some people regularly, even when they aren’t sitting down? This disorder is called Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy causes reduced feeling in the foot or feet. This feeling is similar to that half-asleep foot feeling that we can get from sitting in one position too long. It causes a tingling and numbing sensation at its onset, but over time it can be a much larger problem and it also can be a sign of Diabetes.

Peripheral Neuropathy can lead to ulcers or other serious injuries of the foot. When a patient cannot feel their feet, they cannot tell if they receive an injury on their foot either. Injuries to the foot with this disorder are often left untreated due to the lack of pain. These injuries grow and fester over time. They can cause serious infections and ulcers of the foot. If these infections and ulcers are left untreated it can mean that the foot and similarly affected areas need to be amputated.


There is a simple way to screen for Peripheral Neuropathy. First contact a local podiatrist office such as the office of James C. Ricketti, DPM in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. There Dr. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan can evaluate the affected foot. A device that is long and with bristles (similar to a toothbrush) will be rubbed against the patient’s feet. The patient will then indicate if they can feel the bristles. Dr. Ricketti or Dr. Skoan can then use the patient’s feeling indication paired with the amount of bend in the bristles to determine how severe a case they are treating.

Unfortunately, Peripheral Neuropathy is not reversible. Physical therapy can be helpful in the prevention of the disease but it cannot cure it. Similarly, the correct fitting shoes can help to slow the disease down and provide ample support for a patient suffering from the disease. If you have Peripheral Neuropathy it is important to test and check problem areas on a regular basis to be sure the disease is not spreading too rapidly. 

If you have numb and tingling feet please call the office of James C. Ricketti, DPM right away at 609-587-1674 so that you can be diagnosed and treated immediately.

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