After a long workout, you get home and strip off your shoes. Then you strip off your socks. At first you don’t notice it – but then it hits you like a brick wall. Your feet reek!

Foot odor or bromhidrosis is something many people deal with. It is caused due to the decomposing bacteria in sweat. Essentially, these bacteria eat the sweat on your body and produce a byproduct that has an unpleasant scent, causing our feet to smell. It is not uncommon to have occasional smelly feet, but some people have it worse than others. There are some easy ways to try to reduce and prevent the stench coming from your feet.

How to Beat the Smell

  • Soak your feet! – Use salt and add it to warm water. Once it dissolves dip your feel into the water and let them soak for about a half hour. The salt will draw out excess moisture, eliminating the home for bacteria to breed.
  • Tea – Tea works as a natural antibiotic. If you put a black tea bag into a tub of water and let it soak, along with your feet, it will help cut down on their smell.
  • Vinegar – Vinegar will dry out your feet just like salt. Bacteria cannot survive a dry environment and will perish. This is good news for your smelly feet.
  • Foot Spray – Lysol sprayed into your shoes will help prevent smelly feet. The Lysol will kill the lingering bacteria and dry out the shoes. This will prevent the bacteria from sneak onto your feet and causing them to smell even more.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a wonderful material. It allows feet to breathe, prevents moisture buildup, and prevents the growth of stench causing bacteria.
  • Powder – There are many different types of over the counter foot powders you can try. They absorb the moisture in the shoes and in the material, creating a dry environment.

If your feet still stink after trying all the methods listed above, it is time to call a podiatrist. The office of James C. Ricketti, DPM located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey houses Dr. James C. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan. These doctors are high trained professionals who will help you get your feet smelling like roses in no time. Call 609-587-1674 or make an appointment online.


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