The human foot is made up of 26 bones per foot. That is about a quarter of all the bones in our entire body! Within the foot there are joints, tendons, and muscles too. All feet are unique, and you will never find a set that is exactly the same as another. In essence, they are like snowflakes, no two feet are exactly the same as another person’s two feet. They all typically have a similar structure, but each set has its own footprint, gait, and formation. 

One common formation of the foot is the flat foot. This type of foot has a very low arch and is fairly common. You probably pass at least 10 people a day who have feet that are considered flatter than a pancake. Many podiatrists see flat feet that are also considered pronated. Pronated means that the feet rotate or roll in towards the arches.

Signs and symptoms of flat pronated feet are:

  1. The heel bone is turned away from the center of the body
  2. The inner ankle is bulging
  3. The leg is rotated inward
  4. The forefoot is shifted outward from the heel

What problems can flat feet cause?

  • Abnormal bone alignment
  • An imbalance of the muscles in the feet, ankle, leg, hips, and back
  • A combination of the two aforementioned problems

It is important to note that not all flat feet are pronated and not all pronated feet are flat. People with flat feet often feel discomfort in their back, their feet, and their legs. This discomfort can be remedied with orthotics, proper fitting shoes, or if the issue is severe at birth, surgery. Flat feet typically develop  during a child’s youth and do not typically cause too many issues. 

Is your lower back causing you pain and suffering? Are your feet tired after walking for short distances? You may have flat feet. At James C. Ricketti, DPM located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, Dr. James C. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan can determine whether or not you have flat feet and if they are what is causing all that grief. Call 609-587-1674 or request an appointment online today. Your feet are our number one priority.

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