Your toe has been aching and has begun to bulge. Frantically you Google causes of your symptoms and give yourself a fright. According to the many websites out there, your foot could be broken or need to be amputated. The results are so far and wide that you decide you need to call a podiatrist like Dr. James C. Ricketti. After an examination in his office located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, he determines that you do not need to amputate and that you merely have a stone bruise.

A stone bruise, also known as metatarsalgia, is a condition when one experiences pain in the metatarsals. This pain is centralized in the forefoot and often appears right behind the big toe. The second most common location of this condition is under the second metatarsal bone in the foot

A stone bruise is often the result of one of the heads of the bones becoming enlarged and irritating the surrounding tissues. Repetitive motion and use of the forefoot can activate the pain that the bulge causes. These conditions make it so the patient has a hard time walking and living a normal and mobile daily life.


Over the counter pain medication can be helpful when it comes to easing the pain and inflammation that a stone bruise can cause. Another alternative would be the use of pads in your shoes. These pads are specially designed for people with metatarsalgia and help to ease discomfort and pain. These pads can be placed in virtually any shoe. The user can choose whether they want to wear socks while using them.

Did that Google search scare you a little too much? Are your signs and symptoms similar to that of a stone bruise? At James C. Ricketti, DPM we are here to help. Call 609-587-1674 or request an appointment online today. Dr. Ricketti will examine, diagnose and treat your stone bruise and any other issues your feet and ankles might have. “Our experience and use of the latest diagnostic tools allows us to make the correct diagnosis of your problem and apply the appropriate treatment to get you back on your feet as fast as possible.”

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