Many of us have danced or have kids who have danced. Dancing is a fun, great activity for the mind and the body. A dancer’s most important piece of equipment is dance shoes. Sometimes you may run into problems and need to do some troubleshooting for shoe-related issues. Here are some hacks for your dance shoes.

Shoes too Tight?

  • Use a hair dryer to heat the inside of the shoes. Pop on some thick wool socks and put on those warm shoes. The heat and pressure will help the shoes stretch out and fit more comfortably.
  • Use rubbing alcohol on parts of the shoe that are uncomfortable. The alcohol will soften the shoe but not damage it.

Pain in the ball of your feet when wearing heels?

  • Buy some foam at your local craft store. Cut it into the shape of your foot and round it out to match the fit and sole of your shoe. Wear your shoes with the newly made foam insert. Not only will it provide a lot of cushion, it will be much more comfortable.
  • Tape together your third and fourth toes. This can lessen pressure on the nerve between the toes and prevent further pain. Make sure not to wrap them too tightly though, as it could cause further injury.

Do your dance shoes smell?

  • If you have more than one pair of shoes, try alternating them. This will give each shoe a chance to dry after being used.
  • Put your dance shoes in the freezer. The extreme cold will kill the odor and wick away the moisture that is causing your shoes to stink.
  • Use teabags. If you put a teabag into the front of your shoes right after you wear them it will help to absorb moisture and odor.

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