Buying shoes can be a lot of fun. There are so many types, styles, colors and fashions that it can be both exciting and overwhelming. It is important to keep proper fit in mind when purchasing shoes. These can make or break your overall foot health. Here are some tips and tricks for getting those perfect pair of kicks.

  • Have your feet measured while standing. It is the most accurate way to measure them.
  • Always try on both shoes and walk around in them for a while. This gives you a better idea of their overall fit.
  • When buying shoes, always buy the size that corresponds with the larger foot. If you shove your feet into shoes that are too small you can get blisters, bunions, hammertoes, and even spurs.
  • Shoes should fit comfortably right off the bat. They should not require a break-in period under any circumstances. If one piece of the shoe doesn’t feel right, put them back!
  • Do not assume your foot is the same size as the last time you had them measured and bought shoes. Your feet can get larger. Also, not all shoes are made with the same mold for size.
  • Evening shoe shopping is the prime time to shop. This is because feet swell after being used all day. At this time of the day, your feet will probably already be swollen and be as big as they will get for the day. Buy a shoe that fits your swollen feet comfortably.
  • Buy a shoe with a stiff heel counter, a leather upper, cushion, and flexibility. Specifically, there should be a lot of cushion and flexibility at the heel of the shoe.
  • Make sure shoes DO NOT pinch your toes.
  • Try shoes on with the same type of sock or other foot covering you plan to wear them with regularly.
  • If you use orthotics bring them with you and try them on with the shoes you are looking to buy. It is important that your orthotic fits in the shoe and that your foot feels comfortable in both.

Are you wondering whether the shoes you just bough fit your foot properly? Still having a hard time finding a pair of shoes that fit you, just right? Dr. James C. Ricketti and Dr. Stephen J. Skokan of James C. Ricketti, DPM located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey can help you. Call 609-587-1674 to make an appointment today. Dr. Ricketti or Dr. Skokan will meet with you to help determine the right shoe for your foot. 


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