As October strikes, many children are getting ready for Halloween. Some will dress up as vampires, ghosts, and even witches. They will walk around and delight in the festivities of the holidays. Some of them will take part in parties afterwards. When your little one comes home it will be so much fun to sort through candy and relish in the bounty. That is, until they take off their shoes and you discover a wart on the sole of their foot.

Plantar warts typically appear on the bottom of the foot. In the beginning stages of a wart, it appears as if a callus is developing. Over time, however, the thick skin will start to develop into a round wart. The arch area is highly prone to these warts. They can appear anywhere along the sole, including non weight bearing areas.


Warts are caused by a virus. Usually, they are transmitted via direct contact with the skin. This means, if you walk barefoot on an area that carries the virus, you are more likely to get a wart. Public showers, gyms, locker, rooms and other high traffic areas are breeding grounds for the wart virus. Sometimes these warts can even appear on the top of the foot.

Warts can appear in intervals. Sometimes they can last for days, go away and then come back for months. They are spontaneous and there is no time limit nor limit of number of occurrences.


Over the counter wart medicine can sometimes work for top foot warts, but does not usually work for plantar warts. If you try over the counter medication for a top foot wart and it doesn’t work, call a podiatrist so that they can prescribe a better treatment option.

A foot doctor may use excision, freezing, burning, strong acids, or lasers to remove plantar warts. If any of these methods are used, they are done under local anesthesia and are not felt by the patient.

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