It can be daunting to go into the doctor’s office knowing that you must face a surgery to help heal your specific condition or ailment. It can be even scarier when it has to do with your feet and ankles; after all, we use our feet and ankles every day to stay mobile and get us where we need to go. Surgery can be made a lot smoother and less scary if a patient pays special attention to their preoperative and postoperative care.

Before going through a foot surgery, a patient must go through specific tests and examinations before the surgery to better improve the success of their surgery. Before surgery, the podiatrist surgeon will review your medical history and all of your existing medical conditions. Certain diseases, illnesses, allergies and medications will be reviewed and evaluated. Sometimes blood studies, urine tests, EKGs, x-rays, vascular tests and other tests will occur before a surgery to help evaluate your overall health. Once these have all taken place, your podiatric surgeon can prepare for your surgery with confidence and is able to take all necessary precautions.

After your foot surgery you will need to undergo some post-operative care. The type of foot surgery that was performed will determine the kind of aftercare and length of aftercare required in order to fully recover. Some surgeries are done for bunions, breaks, plantar fasciitis and other foot disorders. Foot surgery is not a panacea but it can be very helpful for an array of problems.

Some basics of postoperative care include rest, ice, compression and elevation. Splints, casts, surgical shoes, bandages, canes, and crutches may also be necessary. If you follow your instructions carefully, it is likely that you will make a fast and speedy recovery.

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